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Oct 7th, 2016 

Happy fall to everyone!!! 
We are gearing up for another tour. I am posting the cities and dates below.  Please check out if we are coming near you, we would love to see you at the shows!   AND/OR, let your friends or family know to come out! 

What is new with us? We bought a van! Hep and I are proud owners of a silver Mazda 5. 

Firstly, I crashed our friend's van from the band We Were Friends into a deer.  Luckily, we are still friends.  While I am talking about them, I may as well share with you a video they just released for one of the singles off their new album.  They are incredibly hard-working people playing super catchy music, I get behind anything they do :) 


The new van is small and this next tour is quite large.  I am not worried though. Allyson will be playing in the Edmonton Symphony Orchestra in the fall (we are very proud of her but also very sad to lose her) so we acquired a new drummer named Devon Venoit. He may be the shortest member of the band so I think we will all fit just fine.  He does wear a lot of fur coats though, that might be the biggest space consumer.  Anyway, here he is!

Lastly, we are about to release a new single with a video.  I wanted to get it to you before the rest of the world so that you would feel appreciated and special.  I hope you enjoy  <3 

Link for the video trailer: 


Whole Lotta Love from the bottom bunk xo 
Melissa & 
Two Bears North 


Oct 13 - Rex Bar - Duluth, MN 
Oct 14 - House Party - Capron, IL 
Oct 15 - Silvie's Lounge - Chicago, IL 
Oct 17 - The Elbo Room - Chicago, IL 
Oct 18 - Toboggan - London, ON 
Oct 19 - The Central - Toronto, ON 
Oct 21 - FMO (Folk Music Ontario) - Ottawa, ON 
Oct 22 - FMO - Ottawa, ON 
Oct 23 - Le Cagibi - Montreal, QC 
Oct 24 - Light Club Lamp Shop - Burlington, VT 
Oct 25 - Pianos - New York, NY 
Oct 26 - Our Place - Mechanicville, NY 
Oct 28 - Freddy's - Brooklyn, NY 
Oct 29 - Folklore Coffe - Elizabethtown, PA 
Oct 30 - The Nail - Ardmore, PA 
Nov 4 - Springwater - Nashville, TN 
Nov 5 - The Nick - Birmingham, AL 
Nov 8 - Carousel Lounge - Austin, TX 
Nov 10 - Bancroft Bar - Spring Valley, CA 
Nov 11 - Lestats - San Diego, CA 
Nov 12 - The Lexington - Los Angeles, CA 
Nov 13 - JJ's - San Jose, CA 
Nov 16 - Studio on 4th - Reno, NV 
Nov 17 - Sam Bond's Brewing - Eugene, OR 
Nov 18 - Ranger Station - Portland, OR 
Nov 19 - The Space - Salem, OR 
Nov 20 - Voyeur - Olympia, WA 
Nov 21 - Rendezvous - Seattle, WA 
Nov 22 - Lo Fi Club - Seattle, WA 

More dates to come!

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Date Event Location
The Light Club Lamp Shop The Light Club Lamp Shop, Burlington, VT The Light Club Lamp Shop, Burlington, VT
Pianos Pianos , New York Pianos , New York
Freddy's Freddy's, Brooklyn Freddy's, Brooklyn
Springwater Springwater, Nashville Springwater, Nashville
The Nick The Nick, Birmingham, AL The Nick, Birmingham, AL
Carousel Lounge Carousel Lounge, Austin, TX Carousel Lounge, Austin, TX
The Bancroft The Bancroft, Spring Valley, CA The Bancroft, Spring Valley, CA
Le Stats Le Stats, San Diego, CA Le Stats, San Diego, CA
The Lexington The Lexington, Los Angeles The Lexington, Los Angeles
JJ's JJ's, San Jose, CA JJ's, San Jose, CA
Press Club Press Club, Sacramento, CA Press Club, Sacramento, CA
Studio on 4th Studio on 4th, Reno, NV Studio on 4th, Reno, NV
The Space The Space, Salem, OR The Space, Salem, OR
Rendezvous Rendezvous, Seattle, WA Rendezvous, Seattle, WA
Let The Air Clear Album Release TBA, Hamburg TBA, Hamburg
Record Store Day About Songs & Books, Hamburg About Songs & Books, Hamburg
 —  — L-Beach Festival L-Beach Festival, Germany L-Beach Festival, Germany

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