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May 2nd, 2016 

Winter air keeps leaving and coming back again but I hear summer is almost here to stay.  I would like the short and tank top weather to join us since we haven't fully recovered from our winter Greyhound bus luggage losses.  Though, I did not mind spending two weeks in mens underwear, I would do it again.

The truth is, Heppell and I needed to downsize our belongings anyway.  We moved into basically a bachelor apartment in order to save money for some band related plans.  Our main piece of furniture is a bunk bed.  In fact, I am writing you from the bottom bunk as we speak... Some would think that I am the "boss" in this relationship but, let me tell you, we don't call her Queen Heppell on the Top Bunk for nothing.

Also in the pursuit of band funds, Sophie had a job interview today!!! She was applying at this VERY HIP(ster) sandwich/coffee shop for a part-time position.  Unfortunately, they asked her if she liked coffee and she did not lie.  Somehow they didn't think that hiring a person who thinks coffee tastes like battery acid was a good idea, even if her "best bud is the devil without it!" 
As for me, I start school on Monday as part of my cabinetry apprenticeship.  More than anything I am excited to have shorter days so that I have more time to practice and write, wish me luck! 

We are currently waiting for the next album's mastered tracks to come back to us.  We are so excited to get these songs to your ears.  We DO have one mastered track completed so we are attaching it here for you to get the first listen!  The album release plan is in full force but we do not have a decided release date quite yet.  We have been writing a ton and are considering releasing an acoustic album between the next two electric albums.  Are there any of our songs you would like to hear acoustic?

(We played an acoustic set in March at The Druid) 

One thing we could use your help with is deciding on this next albums tittle.  We were set on Monsters and Dandy Lions but are now leaning towards Let The Air Clear.  What do YOU think?  Also, we are releasing a brand new line of Two Bears North shirts and would like to make room in the bins for them.  If you are at all interested in very affordable Two Bears North swag then please message us and make an offer, we would love to get these into your hands. 

Lastly, if any of you would like to make donations of mens underwear to the Lost Luggage Fund please do so here: 

Melissa Walker 
78 ave 99 street 
The Bottom bunk 
Edmonton, Not Quite Summer, Alberta 

Whole Lotta Love, 

(JunoFest Set in Calgary last month!)

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